Alsop’s Tables Volume I now in Hardcover!

The hardcover version of Alsop’s Tables Volume I can now be purchased from Amazon. This first volume of Alsop history has a newly designed cover featuring the Alsop mansion. Supplies are limited.

Click here to view the new Hardcover edition:


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Alsop’s Tables Volume 1 now available on Amazon…

The first in the series of the Alsop surname is now available on Amazon (with a brand new cover) in paperback and ebook format.



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Alsop’s Tables: Volume III, Part I – Now Available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook!

Order your copy today:
Hardcover – $37.95
Paperback – $27.95
eBook – $3.99

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Alsop’s Tables, Volume III, Part I
, is the third of four planned volumes of the Alsop (and all other spellings) family which is a compelling continuation of the first two books of the surname lineage. Starting his family tree research in the fifth grade, the author, Jerry David Alsup, has fulfilled a near lifetime of genealogical pursuits, both for himself and as a professional.

In this volume recoil to the hair-raising account of Aunt Alexandria’s decision in 1912 to take the family car for a short trip. With her sister-in-law, “Lilly” in the front seat of the car, Alexandria tried to hand crank the Ford which ran over her and caused her death even though “Lilly” tried to keep the gears from accidentally engaging. Thrill to the many other fascinating adventures as performed by the original protagonists and as skillfully described by a marvelously endowed raconteur. At last, a book on a family which is not composed almost entirely of dry facts and boring figures.

The descendants of this specific family get a complete overview of their historic journey to the present generation. What is preserved for posterity in these meticulously researched volumes will be recognized and valued in generations to come. This volume is so interesting that an individual without the Alsop surname would enjoy reading this book.

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